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Meet Our Scholars

Kalifalah Kenneh (Class of 2019)
Kalifalah hails from Bronx, NY, and is in his senior year in the program and high school. He is on the varsity soccer team this fall season, and also plays basketball. He enjoys the small community of Clinton and the great friends he has been able to make. Kalifalah also enjoys being connected to Hamilton College and having access to their facilities. In school, he enjoys studying math and science, and is looking forward to college as preparation for a career that will allow him to give back to the communities who have helped him.
Jandre Garcia (Class of 2019)
New Haven, CT native Jandre is in his fourth year in the Clinton ABC house. His easy-going nature helped him transition easily to life in the house and once again is helping him enjoy the experience of living with a large family. While he enjoys many sports including football and basketball, baseball is his real love. Jandre enjoys video games and sleeping, and works hard to be able to watch every Yankees game on TV while balancing all of his other responsibilities. Looking ahead to college he is hoping to play baseball and possibly study economics.
Jullian Kiser (Class of 2019)
Julian, of Randolph, MA, is enjoying his fourth year in the Clinton ABC program.  He likes life in the house and the people from the community he has gotten to know in the past few years. He is a dedicated basketball player and runs track in the spring. Jullian enjoys spending time watching movies, playing video games, and watching sports. In school, he enjoys studying science, math, and history, and is looking forward to attending college to study science.
Malachi Ward (Class of 2020)
Malachi is our lone junior in the house, hailing from Bloomfield, CT. He is excited to be in the program and his humor and thoughtful nature can be felt in the house.  He loves the arts, particularly music, theatre, and photography. In school, he enjoys studying English and is involved in drama performances and the choir. His focus is on his high school studies at the moment, but will soon shift his attention to his future collegiate goals and aspirations.
Nigel Moore Jr. (Class of 2021)
Nigel is from Bronx, NY and he is one of our new scholars.  He enjoys playing football and he is a member of the Clinton Central School District football team.  Nigel can crack a smile once in a while when he is really happy.  Nigel learned to ride a bike on his second day here in the ABC House!  He is looking forward to making new friends and to utilize the Hamilton College facilities.
Ikenna Duru (Class of 2022)
Ikenna came to Clinton from Union, NJ. He is a freshman and one of our new scholars.  He enjoys writing and he likes to study English and Social Studies in school. Ikenna enjoys playing video games and basketball.  Ikenna is thinking of joining the football team and he is looking forward to playing basketball in the winter. 
Chad Spann-Thomas (Class of 2022)
Chad, from Woodbridge, NJ, is another one of our new scholars and is also a freshman. Chad enjoys reading and playing basketball.  His favorite subjects in school are English and Science.  He is looking forward to playing basketball this winter and utilizing the Hamilton College facilities.  He hopes to possibly attend some basketball games in Syracuse.